The Claw- Event Cleanup Checklist

  • Remove all decorations and items brought with you to the Claw, including any items left behind by event attendees. We are not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen. Any items left will be discarded. 
  • All Trash items removed from tables, floors, etc. and taken out to dumpster.
  • Wipe down tables and bar countertop. Elliptical
  • Stack Chairs & Fold Tables.
  • Vacuum carpet in fireplace room and lower stage area.
  • Sweep & Mop dance floor in stage area and concrete floors.
  • Before leaving make sure lights are off and doors are locked.


  • 409 Cleaner spray& sponges- located in closet by bathroom.
  • Vacuum- located in closet by bathroom.
  • Brooms, Dustpan, Mop and Bucket- located in storage closet to the left of kitchen.