Hello and thank you for choosing The Claw of Enumclaw! We have put together some helpful tips and advice for you that will help you with the rental of our venue.

Our Preferred Catering company is New York Catering. They are on site at our location. You can reach them at 253-241-6897 or visit their website at www.new-yorkcatering.com. Or you can bring your own catering company or bring your own food to the venue.

Commercial Kitchen
The kitchen is not part of your venue rental, it is for the the exclusive use of staff.  

Kitchen Appliances
We have a warming oven, microwave, warming drawer, sinks, walk in refrigerator, etc. available for use.

Ice Machine
We do have an ice machine; our staff can help get ice for your event.

Food Service
Please remember that we do not have any items in the venue for your food service. You need to bring all serving utensils, napkins, plates etc.

Serving Alcohol Banquet License Required
By law you are required to stop serving alcohol one hour prior to the end of your event. This does not include the clean-up time. If you are going to serve alcohol you are required to have a banquet license.  

Insurance Requirement for Alcohol

In addition, if you are going to have alcohol you are required to have a certificate of insurance through your homeowner’s insurance or you can buy insurance through www.wedsafe.com

No guests are allowed to bring alcohol to the venue, it states this on your liquor license. There is no drinking in the parking lot, only in the fenced area that belongs to The Claw. Do not get taps for your kegs. We have three CO2 taps for your use. Please be sure to get your kegs to the venue the day prior to your event so that the kegs can get cold and settled.

Banquet Permit
Your banquet permit reads “Liquor and Cannabis Permit” However, we do not permit Cannabis and other marijuana products at our venue.

No glitter is permitted in The Claw venue.

Heating and Air-Conditioning System
We do have a three-zone heating and air-conditioning system.

No Open Flames
No open flames are permitted.

Audio and TV system
We recommend that you have an IT person set up your sound system and or run the onsite TV system, microphone, audio, and PowerPoint for HDMI, etc.

We have plenty of parking on site and other ancillary parking if needed.    

Outdoor garden fire pit
We have an outdoor garden fire pit. The charge for the use of the propane is $50 for your event.

The hotel behind us does offer discounts to those that are coming to your wedding, please let the hotel know this when making reservations.

Staff will provide the booking party with the free wifi password at the time of the event.

We have 15 round tables. It measures 5 feet across. We have 15 rectangle tables as well, these measure 6 feet long. There are 8 pub tables that are 23 ½’  x 39 ½’ on the top by 43” high. These tables can also go outside in the summer. The smaller metal tables are 30” high, 41” long and 29 ½” wide. These are good tables for cakes.


You can bring your own linens or rent them through a company that we can refer. Also, you can also buy plastic table covers at the local dollar.

The arbor is 77” high and 64” across, you are able to decorate this as you wish. No painting please.

Onsite Decorations
Our decorations vary throughout the year but you are free to use what we have at no charge.

Animals are not allowed in the building, with the exception of service animals.

Set up and Take Down
Clients are responsible for their own set up and take downs of table and chairs.

We do not clean up bodily fluid, you are responsible for your guests. You are required to clean up after your event.

Cleaning Supplies
We do have all the cleaning supplies on site that can be used to help clean after the event. Please leave the facility in a similar condition as you found it. You are responsible for cleaning up the venue after your event.

Cleaning deposit
A check in the amount of $250 is due two weeks prior to the event. As long as the event is left in the same condition as when you rented it, the check is given back.

Times for Viewing

Please call 253-326-1162 to schedule a viewing.

Booking Fee
Booking fee of $250 is required to reserve your event this amount is applied to your event and is nonrefundable


Please call 360-825-5489 during business hours to make payments over the phone or you can mail a check to: 718 Griffin Ave. #238, Enumclaw, Wa. 98022 or visit our office at 856 Cole Street, Enumclaw. Please call first if you want to go to the office. 50% of the payment is due within 60 days of signing. And the balance of 50% is due within 60 days of the actual event

Again, thank you for choosing The Claw!